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15 Haunted Places You Should Never Search On Google Earth

7. Abandoned Building In Desolate Alaska


Alaska is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The mountainous views and icy waters make it a destination spot for those looking for breathtaking views. There’s no denying that’s the truth. Being in a wooded area so secluded is tranquil and relaxing. Not every part of Alaska is as peaceful as the rest, however. When walking through a pretty abandoned area, this is one building that you might stumble upon. It’s very rundown and looks terrifying. This is definitely not a building that we’d want to run into in the middle of nowhere. Even when we’re on Google Maps and doing some virtual sightseeing, it’s still absolutely terrifying to run into something that looks like it was taken straight from a horror movie. Who knows what kind of horrors await behind the terrifying black walls and rundown doors and windows?

6. Nagoro Japan Where A Woman Makes A Doll For Everyone Who Dies

Dolls are mostly intended to be toys for children. They’re supposed to be cute playthings, not something made for nightmares. There’s a city in Japan, however, where one woman takes it upon herself to make a doll for everyone who dies or moves away. She creates the dolls to remember them by. All of her effort and time that go into making the dolls seems sweet; however, the way they’re arranged around the town makes it absolutely horrifying. It seems like a normal village until you start stumbling upon the creepy mannequin-sized dolls lined up outside everywhere. Eventually, everyone in the town will be turned into a doll! Some joke that the woman murders people herself and turns them into dolls, but her intentions are really mostly sweet. At least, we hope they are.

5. The Fully Deserted Gunkanjima – You Never Know Whose Face You’ll Find In A Window

Deserted places are always terrifying to run into, but this one is especially horrifying. It’s an island known as “Gunkanjima” in Japan. It was originally an industrial town with most of the residents working in underground coal mines. As the coal became depleted, the town became abandoned. The current population is zero, but because of its close proximity to the ocean and the lack of nature, the buildings are still sitting there fairly preserved. There are definitely still signs of wear and tear on the outside, however, and it makes it look absolutely haunting. It looks like a town created for a post-apocalyptic video game! You can tour the entire island on Google Maps, but be careful of what you might find! Who knows when you might see a window with someone staring out?

4. Colorado City, A City Rampant With Polygamists

The picture above was taken in Colorado city. It looks like a fairly normal picture, but what you’re actually seeing is a graveyard. The headstones are rather small because most of the residents in the area live in some degree of poverty. This is a graveyard unlike any most of us know, however. All of the deceased buried in the graveyard are stillborn babies who died due to incest. In Colorado city, many polygamists take up residency. They’re part of a group known as the FLDS, in which women are basically forced to worship the men in their lives. Young girls are married off to relatives, and because of the small community but need for plural wives, there’s definitely some incest. Because of this, many women lose their children because of incest-related complications. The entire city is a pretty haunting sight, but this is certainly one of the most disturbing.

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