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15 Places Around The World That'll Make You Put Your Hands On Your Hips And Say, "Ha! Look At That!"

3. The Market Theater Gum Wall is a "part interactive art exhibit, part public health hazard" in Seattle that dates back to 1993. Patrons of the theater would stick their gum on the brick wall while waiting in line to see an improv theater group. The wall was 8 feet high, and 50 feet wide, and had about 150 pieces of gum per brick, some that had been around for decades. The wall was scrubbed for the first time in 2015, after sugar on the gum began eroding the bricks.


4. In Iceland, near a geothermal station in Krafla, there's a bathroom with no walls. The "Krafla Toilet" is connected to a thermal spring, which means there's always hot water running through the shower. The toilet has since been removed, but the shower and the sink are still functioning.

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