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Indian Girls Sh0cking Video At Railway Station

Watch The Video – Indian Girls Sh0cking Video At Railway Station, 25-year-old Dhanashri Godave was headed to work when she obviously lost her harmony amongst Dombivali and Koper. Congestion of local people on the Central Railway asserted another life on the extend amongst Dombivali and Koper on Monday. Dhanashri Godave kicked the bucket after she tumbled off a CSTbound prepare amid pinnacle hours.

The deadly setback happened around 8.35 am. As per the General Railway Police (GRP) authorities, the 25-year-old lady may have boarded the 8.31 CST quick from Dombivali. The GRP was alarmed about the mishap at 8.42 am.


DCP Rupali Ambure said Dhanashri was taken to the doctor’s facility, yet was pronounced dead on entry. The Dombivali occupant was a worker of a private firm at Cuffe Parade and was en route to chip away at Monday morning.

“It resembled some other working day for Dhanshri. Much to her dismay that the ride would be her last,” said her sibling Subham. Her dad, who runs a printing press, was not in a state to converse with the media.

Throughout the years, the rail course amongst Kalyan and Thane has developed as the executioner extend. Out of 545 passings on the Central line, more than 200 individuals kicked the bucket in prepare related mischances on this part of the system. Since January, 16 individuals have tumbled off nearby amongst Thakurli and Diva.


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