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The Famous Parents of Famous Celebs

Most of you will recognize the celebrities in this article for their roles in films, TV series, performing live on the biggest stages or strutting their goods down the runway. What might have slipped under your radar, is that Just like Prince, many superstars have followed in the footsteps of their talented and famous parents. We invite you to test your knowledge of your favorite superstars, and we guarantee to surprise and reveal with unknown related celebs.

1.Rashida Jones

Parent: Quincy Jones

Rashida Jones is an actress, singer, comic book author, screenwriter and film producer. You may recognize her as Ann Perkins from the famous comedy, “Parks and Recreation”. Her father Quincy Jones is one of the most well known music producers in the industry, if not even more so known as a legend. Rashida Jones can surely be considered as one Hollywood royalty, as her father is Quincy Jones and her mother is Peggy Lipton. She claims to be grateful for everything she has, even though she made a bizarre comment on her parents appearing in her TBS show “Angie Tribeca”, while promoting this satirical comedy series at a TCA panel, in early 2016. Talent runs well in the Jones bloodline as you can see.


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