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Try Filipino cuisine at these restaurants

Filipino cuisine is one the best representatives of the Philippine culture. The cuisine is a mix of Malay-Indonesian, Japanese, Mexican and American that has evolved over the years and carved a distinct niche for itself, both in the international food circuit as well as in the hearts of foodies. Given that there is a huge population of Filipino expats in Qatar, it is only logical to say that this cuisine has made a name for itself in Qatar as well. 

Filipino cuisine centres around the combination of sweet (tamis), sour (asim), and salty (alat), although in Bicol, the Cordilleras and among Muslim Filipinos, spicy (anghang) is a base of cooking flavour. This combination of sweet and salty tastes in Filipino cuisine is called counterpoint and is a special feature of this cuisine. So, where can you try the tasty Filipino cuisine in Qatar? That’s what we’re going to tell you today: 

1. Max's Restaurant:

EXPANSION.To date, Max's Group Inc. is further strengthening its presence in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and opened in September Max's Al Saad store in Qatar. Photo from Max's Group

Located on the Al Difaaf Street in Al Sadd area of Doha. The restaurant specialises in Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner and offers Asian, Philippine and Halal food. Particularly worth trying is the fried chicken, kare-kare, BukoPandan and a lot more.


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Source: Qatarday

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