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Authorities find bodies of two more deceased

The search for the family of Sardar Fazal Ahmed has resulted in the discovery of two more bodies along Wadi Bani Khalid, the Royal Oman Police has announced.

According to a statement by the Royal Oman Police, “The search efforts for the missing Asian family have so succeeded in discovering the remains of four out of the six missing people. Two of the deceased have been identified, while the two others are currently being verified.

“The search teams are still looking for the last two missing people,” the statement added.

In addition, Oman's Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance had confirmed the same, adding that the two bodies would now undergo testing to ascertain their identity.

According to a statement by the authority, “The search teams for those missing in Wadi Bani Khalid have been able to uncover the bodies of two people along the Wadi, and the two bodies will undergo testing to confirm their identity.

“Efforts still continue to find the rest of the missing,” the statement added.


Indian expatriate Sardar Fazal, who works as a pharmacist in Ibra, lost both of his parents, Khan and Shabana Begum, his wife, Arshi, and his three children – his new born infant son Nooh, his two-year-old son Zaid and his four-year-old daughter Sidra.

On 21 May, the authority was able to recover the remains of one adult female, which were then identified by Sardar Fazal Ahmed, the Indian expat whose entire family was swept away in a flash flood, as those of his mother.

Sardar’s entire family was swept away in flash floods in Wadi Bani Khalid on Saturday.

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