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Expat hits roommate to death with frying pan

The man was found to be suffering from psychological and mental disorders.

A mentally-ill Asian man, who killed his 63-year-old colleague by hitting him with a frying pan, was sentenced to death by the Sharjah Criminal Court.

The court found that the accused assaulted the elderly man in a shared apartment with a frying pan on his head causing him brain haemorrhage that led to the victim's death.

According to prosecution sheets, the crime took place on April 10, 2018. The victim used to belittle the accused in the presence of his roommates. On the day of the incident, the defendant came to bed late at night when a friend told him that the victim was making fun of him in front of everyone and even dubbed him as "dog". This made the accused fly into a rage. He went to the room, which he shared with the victim, and saw him fast asleep.

The convict woke him up and punched him in the face. The victim retaliated by hitting him back. 

The defendant told the court that he then went into the kitchen, got a frying pan and slammed it on the victim's head. The elderly man fell unconscious due to the blow.


After the victim fell unconscious, the convict tied his hands and feet with a rope and left the house. He went to his country's consulate and turned himself in. The man then called one of his colleagues in the apartment and asked him to check on the victim in the room and take him to the hospital as he thought he had not died.

During the court hearing, the defence lawyer claimed that the defendant did not assault the victim with the aim of killing him. He pointed out that the accused suffers from psychological and mental disorders. He said the man is suffering from schizophrenia according to medical reports taken out from a hospital a week after he killed the victim.

The lawyer said that they had been negotiating with the victim's family, who refused to pardon the convict and receive the blood money.

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