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Non-Muslim serves Iftar to over 300 workers in UAE daily

The expat has not missed a single day of Ramadan fast for the last nine years.

Sharjah-based Ranjith Rajari has been fasting during the holy month of Ramadan for the past nine years as a show of solidarity with his Muslim friends. And the Kerala native has been serving Iftar to workers for four years now. Such has been his dedication that Team Iftar - which serves over 20,000 Iftar meals in 49 locations across the UAE - has put him in charge of one of the locations.

As Khaleej Times visited camp number 15 of Sharjah's Sajjah Industrial Area, Rajari can be seen distributing biryani packets among workers gathered outside a small mosque.

"I come here around 4pm daily. I distribute the Iftar meals among these workers and as the Maghrib call for prayer goes off, I end my fast with them. After clearing the garbage, I leave around 7.30pm," Rajari says.


The expat has not missed a single day of Ramadan fast for the last nine years. "I first fasted to understand how my Muslim friends could stay without food and water for so long. It was a very good experience."

The reduced working hours during Ramadan help UAE residents spend time with their families. But not for Rajari. "I am here at this labour accommodation on all 30 days of Ramadan. I don't get time to take my family out during the month."

The Malayalee resides in Al Nahda with his parents, wife and two kids. "My family understands my passion about this and are very supportive."

When asked what motivates him, Rajari says: "Serving people makes me happy. I can't imagine spending Ramadan in any other manner. I intend to do this forever."

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