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Two expats arrested for defrauding Omani citizen

Two expats of African descent were arrested for duping an Omani citizen by claiming to have the ability to double money, Royal Oman Police (ROP) officials announced.

The accused allegedly claimed to have ability to increase and double money as a part of their fraud.

In an online statement, ROP said, “Athaiba police station arrested two people of African nationality [man and a woman] on charges of defrauding a citizen into believing they had an ability to double the amount of money."

A source in the Royal Oman Police said that, “the defendant asked the victim for OMR 20,000 in return for doubling his money."


The police have called on citizens and residents to be careful of falling victim to fraud, and not to deal with suspicious entities who come up with unusual ideas to earn and increase money without effort or trouble.

ROP has also asked that individuals notify the Royal Oman Police immediately after exposure to such methods of crime, in order for them to deal with the incident immediately.

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