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Two young Qatari women launch a unique café at Katara beach

Two young Qatari women, freshly graduated from the university, has launched their own business with a new creative perspective, supplying the local market with a pioneer category of business, setting examples for others to follow.

Aiysha Mohamed al-Muhannadi and Moza Fahd al-Kuwari, two young Qatari young women, have recently launched their own café at the beach of Katara – the Culture Village Foundation, naming the place Correto Café, specialised in serving their customers with unique types of coffee.

"We have been planning for this project together for almost four years until the idea became maturated. Then we took coffee speciality training courses in Turkey and the UK to help us create something completely new," said al-Kuwari.

She said that they both went to Italy as well to gain more practical experience in the field. Eventually, they were able to secure the necessary funds, get a unique location at the Katara beach and came up with two new special recipes of coffee, devised to offer their customers something special.

Al-Muhannadi stressed that the short period that followed the launch of the Café has been promising of bright prospects for the business.


"Upon further assessment of how things would go, which looks very positive, we would expand our business and open new branches at different locations across the country," she said, stressing that they also support other Qataris who have similar businesses that can go alongside coffee.

"We buy homemade sweets, made by distinguished Qatari chefs, which in turn would create more jobs as the demand increases. We also work ourselves at the place in addition to managing it," said al-Kuwari.

Both of them stressed that their families have been of a great support to them and welcome the idea, though it seemed unconventional for young women to enter such a business in the region.

"People are open-minded and the country encourages and supports young people to start their own businesses, offering them the necessary help to be successful entrepreneurs, knowing that this is the right path towards creating successful careers," explained al-Muhannadi.

Both of them affirmed that academic studies should always be followed by practical life experiences, as this would certainly maximise the chances of success. Besides, it is creative and has a unique touch that could sustain such success and ensure high performance at the local market, as the country is wide-open for new businesses and young people should take the initiative and grab available opportunities.

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