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How to travel safely to the Philippines during Covid-19

Are you planning to travel to the Philippines? Well, the truth is that you will need to opt for many significant precautions to remain safe from the pandemic Covid-19. The essential aspect is that you should be aware of the travel policy to the Philippines. The reason is that most countries imposed their set of regulations and restrictions to fight the pandemic.

Traveling to the Philippines safe

Go for a face mask

When you decide to travel to the Philippines, make sure that you get hold of a quality face mask. You should research about the airline you plan to travel with. For example, the crew should wear PPE suits and the food should get served in a secure packaging.

Go for airline that offers Hepa filters on the aircraft

Ideally, the aircraft should have Hepa filters. The benefit of these filters is that they are able to trap the bacteria and virus with about 100% efficiency.

Carry a carry-on bag of about 7 kilos

As a traveler you should also make sure that you travel with a carry-on bag of about 7 kilos.

Remember to arrive at the airport early

Most countries have an extensive disinfecting procedure also. Well, this why, make sure that you arrive at the airport early. You might need to go through various walkthrough disinfectant tents and thermal scans. If you come to the airport at the last moment, then you might get panic-stricken.

Do not miss out on the disposable gloves

Do not miss out on your gloves when traveling. It will not be a bad idea to carry a pack of disposable gloves with you. Make sure that you even sanitize your gloves from time to time.

Stay hydrated

Keep one thing in mind and that is the cabins are dry during the flight. If your mucous membrane is dry, then you may catch the virus easily. The smart move is to drink water from time to time.

Try traveling in the business class or first class. It gives you more personal space so that it becomes easy for you to remain away from other passengers. Secondly, consider going for a window seat as it offers more protection.

Even if you are wearing gloves, make sure that you discard them after sometime and wear new gloves. Every time you take off your gloves sanitize your hands. Avoid touching your hands, nose and mouth when you are traveling. It reduces the chances of catching the infection.

Start to work on improving your diet at least a month before the travel so that you have strong immunity.

If you follow the guidelines, then it will become easy for you to protect yourself from Covid-19. It is our responsibility to adopt all the precautionary measures. When most people travel, they only remember the fun and frolic. However, keep one thing in mind. We are going through a tough time. Do not just go about surfing sites like because you want to visit a casino when you land in a new country,

Your focus should be more on the precautions to stay safe.

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