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Woman flies to Philippines to meet her Pinoy boyfriend

How far can you go for someone you love? For this Lithuanian woman, it is exactly 5,802 miles, which is the distance she traveled from Lithuania to the Philippines to meet the man of her dreams.

The love story of Vikachka Chaya Radaviciūtė and Eugene Galang caught the attention of netizens as they proved that no distance can get in the way of their true feelings for each other.


As seen in a YouTube video that has gained nearly 700,000 views since it was uploaded, the two of them met on Instagram in May 2017 when Eugene sent a simple “Hi” to Vikachka.

Even though they were living on distant lands, the two of them became close after talking with each other via video call every day.

They shared that they had video calls that would last for hours until they finally realized that they have fallen for each other.

After a year of being in a long-distance relationship, Vikachka finally decided to fly to the Philippines and meet her boyfriend in person for the first time.

While Vikachka was on her way to the country, Eugene patiently waited for her at the airport. When the plane finally landed and they were able to get a glimpse of each other, they shared a long, tight hug.

During Vikachka’s stay in the country, they also visited some tourists spots and food places in the Philippines. She was also able to meet Eugene’s family.

They also shared some photos of their trip on social media.

However, there were some who bashed the couple saying that it is only Vikachka who spent money in order for them to meet.

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Source: filipinotimes

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