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List of public and private hospitals in Philippines

List of public and private hospitals in Philippines

Hospitals in Philippines, particularly around Manila, frequently offer high quality healthcare. Yet, even the top hospitals might not measure up to the standards of comfort, cleanliness, and care you are accustomed to from hospitals in America. Very basic medical care is about all you'll find in many hospitals outside of the major urban areas. It is not unwise before considering a medical procedure to assess the standards of medical care in a hospital.

Unfortunately for you, most hospitals in the Philippines require you to pay a sum upfront before they'll admit you. Local hospitals don't generally accept U.S. health insurance policies, but many U.S. insurance companies will reimburse patients for hospital costs--check with your insurance before you travel. Before being discharged from the hospital patients tend to be needed to pay their invoices in full.

List of public hospitals in Philippines:

Bataan General Hospital, Tenejero, Balanga City

AddressCity of Balanga Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 237 3635

Orani District Hospital

AddressOrani, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 431 7245

Dinalupihan District Hospital, Dinalupihan

Address: Dinalupihan, 2110 Bataan, Philippines

Tel: 481-1727

Bagac Community & Medicare Hospital

AddressFil Jap Friendship Tower, Bagac, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 917 866 2868

Arsenal Hospital, Limay

Address: Arsenal Vicinal Road, Kitang 2 & Luz, 2103 Limay, Bataan, Philippines

Phone:+63 47 244 4615

Mental Hospital, Mariveles

Address: Mariveles, 2105 Bataan, Philippines

Phone:+63 47 935 4138

List of private hospitals in Philippines:

Bataan Doctor's Hospital, Balanga City

AddressCuaderno St, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 237 0307

Women's Hospital, Balanga City

AddressCity of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 237 1111

St. Joseph Hospital, Balanga City

AddressDon Manuel Banzon Avenue, Poblacion, Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 237 0226

ICMC Medical Center, Balanga City

AddressCalero Street, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 791 2651

St. Michael Hospital, Orion

AddressJ. P. Rizal Street, Barangay Wakas, Orion, Bataan, J.P. Rizal St, Orion, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 244 7331

Maheseco Hospital, Mariveles

Address: Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines


Bataan Peninsula Medical Center, Dinalupihan

AddressDinalupihan, Bataan, Philippines

Phone+63 47 481 1765

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