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Enthusiasts gear up for camping season

Doha: As Qatar is distinguished by its natural places that are suitable for camping, many citizens and residents wait for the winter camping season to enjoy camping and desert life. Cold weather and tranquillity attract people, especially families, to enjoy the camping season. 

The winter camping season is a reminder of the centuries-old lifestyle and an opportunity for nature lovers to enjoy the atmosphere away from the noise of the city.

Due to the current situation, some people feared that camping will be canceled this season as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus, while there was also a group of people who believed that camping season will start as usual as people are strictly adhering to safety measures.   Apart from citizens, who enjoy the winter camping season, there are also many residents who organise and make special preparations and trips on weekends to spend beautiful moments outside with their families.

In addition to recreational activities, camping also provides an important educational aspect to people as they learn about life in the desert besides playing sports and traditional games.

The upcoming season will be a special as most of the citizens and residents did not travel out of the country and are eager to sit in open places in a cold atmosphere to refresh their body and soul after a long lockdown period due to coronavirus.


The camping season can be successful this year if the campers are obligated to take all precautionary measures and use sanitisers and the tents are periodically ventilated. 

Meanwhile, inspection drives will be carried out by authorities to monitor that campers are implementing all the required measures.

With the camping season set to begin next month, many websites on the Internet have began offering camping supplies and tools, including what is new and what is used. 

The manufactures of tents are witnessing high demand from citizens.

Some of the supplies are imported from China, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Oman.

The price of grills ranges from QR200 to QR1500 depending on the quality and size, while tent prices start from QR5,000. The campers of Arab and other nationalities flock to the camping areas with the beginning of winter and rainy season.  Last season, the winter camping began on October 30 and continued till March. 

The registration for the five-month-long winter camping season opened on October 14 and continues till December 31.  The registrations are done through the official website of Ministry of Environment and Municipality and its mobile app ‘Aoun’. 

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