Qatar, Islam and Nail Polish

Under the fold of Islam there are many things that one may have to take into account as per the requirement that he or she is not violating any of the laws and commandments that are laid down in Islam. There have been quite a lot of modernizations in today's time regarding which we have little or no information. Over the years there have been certain concepts that have been revised regarding a lot of different topics. Today's read is regarding the use of Nail Polish for Women in Islam and Qatar. Whether is it allowed or haram?

Growing up in the Muslim Culture allows us to be subjected to quite a lot pf rules and regulations that we eventually must imply and follow whether we like it or not. One of them is the use of cosmetics. To disassociate cosmetics from women almost seems impossible. Even to think about the possibility one can never bring it into his or her state of mind. Just as men love cars, women love cosmetics. In fact they love anything that will beautify them. Many years ago there was quite a debate and discussion regarding several topics whether women are allowed to pray with lipstick or nail polish on. The question regarding lipstick is somewhat resolved but whether or not nail polish is haram still remains the ideal topic for a debate.

Many scholars and women in Islam believe the fact that use of nail polish is not haram but it shouldn't be worn either because one's ablution will not be ever complete without cleaning the fingers and nails. Nail polish is basically an enamel made from different chemicals that sticks to the surface of the finger nail once dried to beautify them. Now there are over a gazillion range of colors all that satisfy the needs of the women. In countries other than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia women often visit the spas and beauty salons just to get dazzling nail art done. Though in the Muslim states if one even applies nail polish she must take it off before performing ablution.


It is said that the ablution will remain incomplete if either one of the 4 areas of the human body remain dry. Thus one must remove the nail polish in order for the nails to be washed. Many women believe that there is no such concept and they wear it for days without taking it off. This does happen even in Qatar. According to many websites it isn't appropriate for women to show their nail polished nails to un related men as well. Maybe once we have a proper consensus regarding this we'll know exactly what can be done.

As far as Qatar is concerned, no one stops you from applying nail polish if you are a woman. Since it is not haram so there is no point of restricting it. If you visit any shopping mall or any other public place, you can observe women wearing nail polish and no one stops them from doing this.

Source: Qatarday

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