Bahrain prison escape convict appears in social media

Manama:  A new photo of a high-profile convict who escaped from Bahrain’s Jau Prison has appeared in social media amidst speculations about his whereabouts.

Activists published on Wednesday (January 4) a photo of Redha Al Ghasra, who escaped prison fourth time saying it was new. Al Ghasra was one of the top 10 prisoners who were able to escape Jau Prison on January 1. According to the Interior Ministry Redha Al Ghasra (27)was  serving life imprisonment in addition to 79 years  at the time when he escaped. The photo opened the door for speculations regarding Al Ghasra's whereabouts outside the country. The Interior Ministry forces have intensified investigation  to arrest the prisoners.


A terrorist cell of 4 to 6 members, armed with automatic rifles and pistols, was involved in the attack on the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre (Jau) at approximately 5:30 am on Sunday January 1,2017.  The attack led to the death of a policeman, Abdulsalam Saif Ahmed.  A second policeman sustained moderate injuries while confronting the terrorists.  Ten inmates, all convicted in previous terrorist cases, escaped. 

As part of the community partnership with citizens and residents, the Interior Ministry calls upon those with any information about the escaped convicts or the terrorists who assisted them to call 999 or the hotline 80008008.  All calls will be treated as anonymous.

The ministry warns against aiding or abetting escaped prisoners. Article 255 of the penal code law state: “Any person who either personally or through another provides shelter for a defendant accused in a serious crime or a felony that is punishable by imprisonment or against whom an arrest warrant has been issued, or a death sentence or a penalty involving deprivation of liberty has been passed.”

Source: newsofbahrain

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