Xander Ford’s Face Began To Return On Its Original Form Few Months After Surgery?

The celebrity Xander Ford’s face alleged began to return to its original form few months after his cosmetic surgery, according to a netizens.


Xander Ford or formerly known as Marlou Arizala of the boyband “Hasht5” becomes the headlines of several local news outlets and social media pages after he undergoes a cosmetic surgery to improve his physical appearance.

The former Hasht5 member has decided to undergo a knife to enhance his facial features after suffering from bullying and online criticisms because of his physical appearance.

XanderFord’s Face

The cosmetic surgery becomes successful and transformed Marlou Arizala to Xander Ford who can be considered as a good-looking celebrity after additional treatments.

XanderFord’s Face

Recently, the YouTube channel “Pinoy Showbiz Latest” has uploaded the video of the internet sensation’s look a few months after his total makeover, which prompted netizens to said that his face was alleged returning on its original form.

The netizens noticed that the old face of the latter starting to show again, most of them stated that the medicine used for Xander’s appearance was losing its streak.

Here are the comments from netizens:

Ecca Agustin: “bakit ganon Bumabalik na yong dati niyang Itsura”

Beth Towers: “Expired na ung gamut”

Justine Sayson: “Bat unti unting bumabalik yng dati mng anyo?”

Ienz abella: “Bat ganon balik unggoy yung face nya”

Chocolate Torrid Kiss: “hoy!!! bat ka gumagamit ng SHADE??!! UNGGOY!!!! KA TALAGA IT TAKES 6 MONTHS BAGO KA MAKAKAGAMIT ng shade or eyeglass after ng RHINOPLASTY mo!! ugok!!”

Source: philnews

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