Qatar ID Card and important information for Expatriates

Qatar ID Card is given to every expatriate who is issued a Residence Permit as a part of the application procedure. These are credit-card sized plastic cards with a photograph of the holder in addition to basic personal data in an electronic chip attached with the card. It is compulsory for residents and citizens to have one including children. 

Need to be carried by residents all the time: People working and living in Qatar are supposed to carry their ID Cards at all times as a proof of their valid residency, and should be presented to the authorities when asked. Outright refusal to present ID Card on demand by the officers can lead to a fine up to QR10,000.


If the ID Card is lost: In case of lost card the resident needs to report it to General Directorate of Passports. If the card is lost within Qatar the resident need to visit a service center and need to complete the lost ID form, give in his passport for verification with a fee of QR200 for the new card.

In case the card is lost outside Qatar, the resident needs to report it in that foreign country where the card was lost, get it attested from the authorities there and then send it to the resident’s agent in Qatar so that he can issue a return permit for the resident. Later, once the resident is in Qatar he can continue with the process of applying for a new card with filling the lost ID card form.

Smart ID Card benefits:

1.) Ability to renew permits and documents like driving license and residency permit online.

2.) Ability to process the Government transactions online.

3.) They are required to complete numerous official systems, for example, applying for driving licenses, opening bank accounts and furthermore to get admission to licensed premises.

Source: Qatarday

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