Siege Countries Not Interested in Solution; Qatar Moving on: HH the Emir

HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani said on Tuesday that siege countries are not interested in reaching a solution to the Gulf crisis and Qatar is moving on its economic and foreign policies. HH was speaking at the opening session of Shura Council, the legislative body of Qatar. 


“We express our readiness for a compromise within the framework of a dialogue based on mutual respect for sovereignty and common obligations, but on the other hand we recognize that the indicators that come from the blockade states show they do not want to reach a solution,” a Reuters reported quoted him as saying.

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HH the Emir said that country will survive the economic blockade imposed on it by the siege countries. “Qatar’s society knows how to live, thrive and develop whether the blockade was long or short,” a Bloomberg report quoted him as saying. The siege countries has been imposing a trade and travel blockade on Qatar since June 5. 

The dispute which is into its sixth month is the worst crisis the Gulf Cooperation Council has ever seen. The siege countries are not yet ready for a dialogue despite the mediation efforts by Kuwait. 

HH the Emir has said the Qatar was able to absorb the initial shocks and is now going to speed up its economic and legal reforms, saying that siege countries' plot to keep Qatar busy by opening different fronts against it will no longer work. HH outlined six initiatives to promote investment, ensure food security, develop oil and gas infrastructure and support country's airline and ports, added the report.


Author: Kiran Paul   

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