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7 Wallpaper Designs That Will Elevate the Look and Feel of Your Living Room

Since the living room is a part of your home where the entire family congregates and spends plenty of time in and where you receive your guests, it has to be perfect. It needs to give out a warm and welcoming vibe. At the same time, it should also convey the overall theme of your home: traditional, modern, rustic, or bohemian.

Getting the right fixtures and decors that meet your criteria allows you to have the perfect living room. Designing your walls, which are the biggest and easily noticeable elements of this space, can easily turn this area into an impressive and highly favored part of your home.

Painting the walls in a color that works with your chosen theme would probably be your default action to complete or improve the living room. However, opting for wallpaper can be a better option.


Wallpaper comes in various designs so you are sure to find one that works perfectly with your interior design. From floral to checkered to bohemian and abstract wallpaper for walls, these patterns can do more than complete your living room.

You don’t have to settle for only one or two colors (which is what you can get when you settle for a paint job). If you go for this option and have the walls painted with intricate designs, you will have to wait for a long time for the project to be completed, too.

These are challenges that you won’t experience when you opt for wallpaper. These already have different hues and designs, thereby doing away with the need to buy two or more cans of paint in varying colors.

Moreover, wallpaper is easier and faster to install than applying paint. Regardless of how intricate the design you choose, the whole process can be completed within hours.

Wallpaper Designs for the Living Room

Whether you are still deciding on a theme for your interior or have already chosen one, use the guide below for selecting a wallpaper design that will make your living room stand out:

  1. Floral

Flowers are one of the most sought-after wallpaper designs. They are versatile and go with any theme. Moreover, they never fail to give out a lively, comfy vibe.

If your living room has a country feel to it, wallpaper with large botanical prints is an excellent option. To make it stand out, choose plain or simple patterns in your soft furnishings.

Floral designs can also give living rooms a contemporary air. However, you have to choose one with a pixelated appearance and bold color to give out this vibe.

Abstract floral patterns, on the other hand, will give the space a modern look and a laid-back ambiance at the same time.

Lastly, if you want to have a living room that brings you close to nature even if you are indoors, opt for paper wall covers that feature fresh, lifelike flowers. This type always brings verve to any space and, at the same time, makes it more colorful and impressive.

  1. Tropical

If you can’t get enough of nature and want to be immersed in a tropical paradise right inside your home, a wallpaper featuring exotic plants is the right one for you.

Colorful and vibrant tropical wallpaper brightens up the walls of your living room effortlessly. Tones of blue, green, pink, orange, and yellow create a lively scene and give out a vibe that you are with nature.

A wallpaper with a white backdrop gives the space a light, laid-back, and airy feel. Complete the theme by adding plain wooden furniture to your living room.

  1. Nature

Flowers are not the only wallpaper designs that can remind you of the outdoors and the beauty of nature. Paper wall coverings with clouds, trees, mountains, and rivers can do the same effectively.

A wallpaper with a natural landscape of a forest and clouds can quickly capture the eye of anyone who walks in. The design can also give the room a calm, serene atmosphere, turning it into an ideal place for rest and relaxation.

You can use nature-inspired wallpaper for all walls or to create a feature wall. Either way, you will show your love for the environment and have a wonderful living room with this design.

  1. Striped

Stripes, particularly pinstripes, make rooms look timeless. Your ceiling will look higher than it really is when you choose this design, as well.

If you want the room to have a soft and fresh look, go for wallpaper with grays and chalk colors.

In case you want stunning walls, choose evenly spaced thin stripes with a slightly heavier pattern. These create a stunning, eye-catching visual graphic effect that won’t fail to impress anyone.

  1. Shiny metallic

Wallpaper with gold or silver detailing, golden geometric designs, and anything shiny always gives a living room a touch of glamor and luxury. Moreover, these make walls sing and are never tiring to look at.

Floral wallpaper with gold detailing or edges on it effortlessly combines elegance and comfort.

A damask-style product, on the other hand, gives the living room a more traditional feel. For a modern vibe, opt for geometric designs with metallic edges or patterns.

  1. Retro-inspired

The 1970s is one of the best style decades. If you want to relive this fun, glorious past, go for a retro printed design for your living room.

Retro prints boast brown, orange, and other colors reminiscent of the ‘70s. The bold, striking, and warm tones lend themselves perfectly to living rooms and will definitely give out a relaxing and comfy vibe.

If you don’t want your living room to be too vintage, opt for modern, plain furnishings. You can also add some traditional furniture to make for a more fascinating space. A dark, plain center rug won’t look out of place in this whole ensemble, as well.

  1. Monochrome

To add a touch of drama to your living room, you won’t go wrong with wallpaper featuring a monochrome design.

Monochrome wallpaper has the unique ability to look modern and classic at the same time. Opt for a pattern that stands out. For example, the contrast among the black, grey, and white hues can turn your walls into eye-catching features.

Vibrant, colorful furniture and accessories help keep the room lively. Adding some wood features, on the other hand, can give the space a natural and timeless look.

With different wallpaper designs to choose from, your living room will be the perfect embodiment of your taste, preference, and style that will tie in with the interior design of your home.


James Prathap is the General Manager at NGC Nafees, one of the leading distributors of wallpapers, floorings, and fabrics in the Middle East and South Asia. Formed three decades ago, the business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.


Author: James Prathap   

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