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Bear the Torch of Truth – Tell Your Story

We hear many big claims about print and electronic media being free and unbiased, but we all know it is not wholly accurate. No matter what the officials say, freedom of speech is still a distant dream in the world of electronic and print media. Some developments in the past couple of years have even put unbiasedness of social media to question as well.  

So, where should a person go to write their unbiased and unpaid version of the story? The simple answer is that you should always prefer an anonymous platform for any such story. It is essential because when you write something that contradicts with the people with influence, it can get you in trouble. 

If you think that you have something that the world should know, but you are too scared of your safety, then writing anonymously is your ultimate solution. 

Here’s how your story can make a difference in the broader perspective of things:

1. People Will Have an Unbiased Version 

Whenever there’s a big scandal on screen, different media outlets start to work so hard to shape people’s opinions. It has curbed the ability of the people to think on their own to pick sides based on their own judgment. Different viewpoints are fed to them, and they choose one which aligns with their preconceived notions. Your unbiased version can help them to analyze the situation without any biased lens.

2. People Will be Able to Identify the Hypocrisy 

Once people are provided with the other side of the picture, they can rationalize the amount of truth both sides of the picture hold. It can help them to see the hypocrisy and duality of our media outlets. Your story can be the first step of something great, and it can trigger people to raise their voices to promote critical thinking. 

3. It Generates a Discourse on Massive Level

The modern world may have achieved significant technological advancements. But when it comes to the social world, there is a lot to be worked on. In order to cater to the social evils and taboos, a discourse on the massive scale must be generated. You can play a part in creating this discourse by sharing your true story. 

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