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Business Email Hosting: 4 Benefits and 5 Reasons to Have Your Email Professionally Managed

Almost everyone is on the Internet, especially businesses. The World Wide Web has evolved into a platform where everything — including communication among businesses and individuals — takes place.

In terms of business communication, email remains the most vital tool. Hence, email hosting is a must when setting up a business.


Email hosting is a service that lets you send, store, and receive emails on a server. Usually, it comes with added functionality like file transfers, template usage, and folder creation.

As a business owner, projecting a positive brand image is essential. Giving the best impression and services provide you with an edge in today’s competitive market.

Email hosting will help you create a professional image when you communicate with different suppliers, potential clients, and even competitors. Working with reputable business email service providers is an excellent way of making this business strategy work to your best advantage.

Read on to learn the benefits of email hosting and compelling reasons to have your email professionally managed.

4 Benefits of Email Hosting

Email hosting will benefit your business in different ways. Apart from giving you a distinct email address, here are other perks of email hosting.

1. Boosts brand consistency

Brand consistency is improved when you incorporate your domain in your email address. Being recognized instantly is among the critical aspects of a resilient organization. Customers can associate your products and services with your brand, boosting your company’s profitability. You can gain more conversions if potential clients can connect with you readily.

By having a solid brand identity, you can easily manage different branded email addresses. For example, you can create accounts for general contacts, support requests, and marketing. As a result, potential clients can communicate with the right person in your team.

2. Grows with your site

Another essential feature your business must have is scalability. With an email server, you can enjoy larger storage capacity and dedicated customer support.

Email hosting can grow with your site as you expand your business. It is a helpful tool if you wish to create a new branch or add more employee addresses.

3. Guarantees more uptime

Uptime is vital for any business, especially when it comes to team communication and customer service. Customer complaints must be addressed right away, and this can only be done if there is smooth communication between your team members.

Reliability is a crucial factor in ensuring business success. This implies being available whenever your staff and clients need you. Having an email host will guarantee that you are reachable at all times.

4. Heightens inbox security

Data breaches have increased in the past years, so boosting inbox security must be a priority. Prevent your emails from being read and intercepted by unauthorized individuals through encryption. This way, only those who are permitted to open certain files can have access to sensitive information.

Why Work With an IT Service Provider

Email hosting involves expensive and tough tasks because it requires multiple experts for its management. Also, it entails a number of mail servers and specific software applications with spam blockers and filtering, which can be very expensive.

If you don’t have enough resources to set up and manage your own email server, working with a reputable IT service provider in Dubai (or elsewhere) is your best option.

Investing in email hosting will give your business the ability to have excellent email services without incurring added costs or searching for more manpower to manage it expertly.

By having your email service managed by IT experts, you are guaranteed to have stable communication with your employees and clients. Aside from a more trustworthy profile, an email hosting service will help your business save money in the long run.

Here are five reasons for having your email service managed by experts:

1. Reliable tech support

Time can be wasted if your employees have difficulty with technology. They may lose some emails, forget login passwords, or be unable to access emails through their mobile devices when they are away from their office desks. These issues will take a considerable amount of time to be resolved and keep team members from doing more important tasks.

If you have your email service managed by IT experts, technical support is accessible right away. IT service providers will ensure that all issues with your email service are fixed immediately, as soon as they arise.

2. Flexible email service

Your email host must be flexible enough to sustain your business, whether you are hiring new employees or begin sending and receiving an enormous number of emails.

Innovative email platforms can help you during these situations. They can handle lots of mailboxes and onboard new members in a brief period. Moreover, they come with desktop and mobile apps to allow your employees to handle these platforms easily, regardless of what device they’ll use.

3. Low management costs

Letting IT experts manage your email service is far more affordable than handling your email service in-house. These IT professionals will have access to software subscription fees and licenses on a wholesale price since they manage several email accounts.

Moreover, your employees can spend more time on what they do best to ensure business success instead of dealing with technology they’re not experts at. Since email hosting service providers will handle setup, email migration, service requests, and general troubleshooting, you don’t have to allocate resources to things that aren’t part of your field of expertise.

4. Improves business productivity

Email hosting service providers offer free add-ons, including tools that can help businesses boost their productivity rate.

For instance, you can take advantage of built-in videoconferencing services to organize important meetings with your remote team or to contact your clients. It comes with collaboration tools, document writing, cloud-based file storage, and screen sharing solutions.

5. Data breach and hacking protection

Cases of cyber-attacks like email spoofing, phishing, email fraud, and hacking are increasing nowadays. Fortunately, a hosted email service comes with superb security measures that guarantee the safety of your data and mails.

Furthermore, managed email services offer added services like recovery and data backup solutions. By taking offsite backups regularly, data loss can be prevented in cases where intentional or accidental email deletion or data corruption take place.

More importantly, your business can remain safe from ransomware, hackers, accidents, and even workers with malevolent intent.

Besides professional website design and development services, email hosting is another valuable business asset. But only when you let IT experts manage it on your behalf.

IT service providers will make sure that you get the most out of your email hosting service and that you are protected from data breaches and other cyber-attacks. They’ll help you find an email service that best suits your needs and set it up with minimal disruption to your business..

Author Bio:

Sharon Mallorca is the Sales Manager at Create IT in Dubai. Established by innovative digital agency Create Media Group, Create IT has rapidly become the Middle East's leading IT Support and IT Solutions company, providing the highest quality IT support and services to a growing portfolio of global brands.

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