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Explaining Different Slot Types

Slot games are the king of the casino jungle, and no contenders can even come close to the popularity of slots in casinos. Slot machines have been around for over 100 years. Since they first appeared in a digital form back in the 1990s, they took over the casino world by storm.

One of the most vital characteristics of slot games is their Return-to-Player ratio, which tells players the percentage of their wagers they can expect to win back. Of course, there are slots that allow you some free play credit that you get even without making a deposit first. However, if you’re interested in knowing more about online casino payments, check out this guide to Skol Casino withdrawals.

A perfect slot is the one that offers a perfect balance of bonuses, playing features, and topics. With that in mind, we present you different types of slot games you can try and see why this game is so popular among players. 

Types of Slots

Without much ado, we give you a full spectre of slot games so that you can see if there are any you haven’t tried yet. 

Classic Slot Games

When you think of old-school slots, think of classic slots. These games, also known as “fruities,” are the simplest types of games you’ll ever find in a casino. These slots usually feature symbols such as different types of fruits, playing cards, liberty bells, lucky 7s, and many others. 

Everything in those games exudes simplicity and excitement. These traditional slots frequently feature only three reels, but as time went on, these games got revamped and now can even host five reels and plenty of bonus features. Many online casinos now give you no deposit free spins and other promotions you can use on these slots, and will even allow you to test them for free, no strings attached. 

Video Slot Games

Video slots are upgraded contemporary manifestations of traditional slots that feature all the same characteristics as classic slots, without the mechanical lever, of course. These video slots have complex themes and gameplay, and are usually played on five reels. There will be multiple paylines and bonus features you can use to form substantial wins. Remember, the more paylines and bonuses, the more chances of winning. 

Slots with Multiple Paylines

We have briefly mentioned above slot games with multiple paylines, but now we should see what they can do exactly and what kind of benefits they offer to players. Namely, slots with many paylines are no novelty. They have been around brick-and-mortar casinos for years, and their main benefit is that players will have more chances of making a win than with slots with a single payline only. Multi-payline slots can have anywhere between 10 and 117,649 paylines. 

VR Slots

Virtual Reality slots are the latest technological development in the world of slot games. They are designed to create the most immersive playing experience imaginable through the use of VR goggles and helmets, LED lights, sound systems, and displays. For the most realistic playing experience, you should definitely opt for VR slots, and you probably won’t play any other type afterward. Many popular casinos around the world have already included them in their offer, so you won’t have any trouble finding VR slots. 

Bonus Slots

Slot games with bonus features are probably the most sought-after type of slot games today. On the one hand, they have amazing sound and video effects that can blow your mind. On the other, there are superb bonus features that occur when a certain winning combination is created or when a particular symbol lands on the payline. 

A special round with sticky reels and symbols or other mini-games appears at that moment and gives you a chance to form better wins. The most frequently seen bonus round is that triggered with the so-called Scatter symbol, and players can expect to win several free spins as a result. 

3D Slots

Another visually intriguing type of slot games is 3D slots that bring superior graphics and audio effects to the table and through exciting animations. The first 3D slots appeared in the 1990s, but the ones we know now are much more detailed and elaborate, and are a perfect fit for players who cherish the look and feel of slots, in addition to the payouts. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are probably the most coveted type of slot games in all casinos, both land-based and online. The main feature of these slots is the jackpots they pay. Here’s how it works. 

Every time any player bets on the particular progressive jackpot slot, a portion of that bet will go to the common prize pot. The more you play the game, the bigger the jackpot gets, and one lucky winner will get all of it as these jackpots hit completely randomly. The jackpot amount is updated in real-time, and if the progressive jackpot is linked across multiple casinos, that lucky winner can become a millionaire. Easily. 

Final Thoughts

Slot games are interesting, easy to play, and have an incredible payout potential. There are no difficult rules to follow, and you don’t need a detailed strategy to win. Make sure to practice all of these types of slots, and you will get the best possible casino playing experience.

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