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How To Plan For An Epic Fall Road Trip During A Health Crisis

A recent travel survey reveals that 80% of trips this fall season will be road trips, according to the AAA. During a time when everyone is cautious about their health and safety, traveling by air is not an option. People are afraid they may contract or spread the virus due to limited room for social distancing in airplanes. The lack of consumer confidence in flights is one of the reasons global air travel won’t recover until 2024, meaning road trips will continue trending in 2021 and beyond. 

Since it is easy to sanitize and control the environment of your vehicle, road-tripping presents a perfect opportunity for families to go out and enjoy an unforgettable adventure. While traveling by car gives you flexibility, without proper preparation, you are likely to have a stressful experience. Here’s how to plan for an epic fall road trip during a health crisis. 

Pick Your Destination 

Spontaneity can be fun, but it pays to know where you’re driving to before leaving the house. Start by researching places that are ideal for road tripping and decide what you want to see and do. Ask yourself if you would like to drive off to the Pacific Coast Highway in California or explore the Great Ocean Road of Australia. Maybe you want to circumnavigate the ring road in Iceland or cruise on Route 66. The options are endless; you only need to pick a destination that aligns with your interests.

Consider Your Road Trip Car 

Driving the wrong vehicle can turn an epic journey into a stressful event quickly. Therefore, take the time to shop for reliable road trip cars. Make sure to factor in the roads you’ll be driving on, how long your trip will last, and the number of travel companions. Also, choose the right size vehicle to match your needs and find out how each model performs when it comes to gas mileage, safety, comfort, and dependability. 

Plan Your Route 

The routes you choose will matter, especially when you're on a limited time and budget. If you choose to drive along back roads, you can rest assured of breathtaking views and less susceptible to traffic. You will also enjoy the freedom of taking side trips and making multiple stops to capture the best moments. To map the best route to your destination, use road trip planning apps, such as Roadtrippers or Waze.
Be sure to carry a first aid kit, snacks, extra water, jumper cables, blankets, and flashlights. You also need to carry hand sanitizers and face masks to ensure you and your travel companions stay safe and healthy. 

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