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How to Watch the Upcoming Euros Tournament


With 18 months left until Qatar 2022, also referred to as the FIFA World Cup, football fans are in desperate need to find something to watch. It’s been a slow year for football, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down sports venues worldwide.

Well, after a year-long delay, football fans will be able to watch the Euro 2020 tournament, which was supposed to broadcast last year but was delayed to this year. With the Euros on the horizon, it’s a good time to go over when the Euros are taking place and who will be participating.

Everything You Need to Know About the Euros

When Will the Tournament Be Taking Place?
The Euro 2020 tournament will begin on June 11th and run for an entire month—all the way up to July 11th. Keep in mind that this is the original timeline for last year before the games were delayed.

There will be “break days” throughout the tournament, where teams will be able to spend a weekend with teammates, friends, and family before getting back into the tournament. It’s best to consult the UEFA schedule for exact dates and times.

What Countries Will Be Participating?
According to the UEFA website, 24 countries will be participating. Ranging from Turkey to Belgium to North Macedonia, it will be a packed tournament. 
For the sake of organization, the 24 teams will be divided into six groups, Groups A-F. Throughout the tournament, countries in one group will be participating against each other, as hinted at in the schedule section above.
If you want to read more on the teams and coaches involved in the tournament, you can head over to the UEFA’s team page, where you will find detailed explanations and summaries on each team.

How International Euro Fans Can Stream the Tournament Online

1. Watch Clips and Highlights Via YouTube
UEFA will be posting regularly on social media, but they will also have their full editing and uploading to YouTube.
The UEFA YouTube channel will most likely host clips of various games, highlights both during and after the tournament, and maybe even a deeper dive into a few of the players on the field.

With YouTube being free, there’s little reason not to check out the channel here and there, even if you already have a way to watch the tournament.
2. Watch Via Specific National Channels
With eleven countries hosting various games during the Euro 2021 tournament, it’s no surprise that those countries will be broadcasting the tournament via specific national channels. Various countries will be hosting online streams where the tournament will be shown: Zattoo for Switzerland, RAI for Italy, ARD and ZDF for Germany, TF1 for France, and vice versa.


However, a couple of countries will be able to tune in to their TV and watch the games without needing to go through a website. The best example is the U.K., which will have the BBC broadcast the entire tournament throughout its duration. 
Check to see if your country will be offering a similar service. If not, there is one other way to watch the tournament.


3. Sign Up For a Streaming Service With Live TV
If your country isn’t hosting any of the games, nor are there any channels broadcasting any of the games, you could consider using a streaming service that offers live television.

Streaming services like Hulu and YouTube offer plans for live television. They’re like cable but bundled with the streaming service itself. The most popular is Hulu TV, which contains Hulu’s entire library and access to tons of channels, including ABC and ESPN’s various channels—the channels needed to watch the tournament in its entirety.
Unfortunately, Hulu doesn’t work well internationally, with a lot of content and features being restricted. However, one could begin using a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, to access content not available in Qatar.


In a little less than two weeks, the Euros, still being referred to as Euro 2020, will kick-off. And with 24 countries participating and a month of games, fans without any means to watch the games need to find one, and quickly.
Fortunately, there are streaming services, online streams, and channels showing some, most, or all of the tournament throughout the month. Lock in a way to watch the game, then prepare for a month of nonstop football!

Author: Communications @Techwarn   

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