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List of Top 5 Most Wanted Criminals In The World 2018

Criminals exists in this world from the creation of whole universe and this is shocking to hear that number of criminals are increasing with the passage of time, it seems to be further hazardous around clock bowed underworld gangsters who may concerned in kidnappings, massacre, looting extortion, and terror activities or actions among other.

So in this context Federal Bureau of Investigation prepared the list of most wanted criminals of the world every year so criminals changed with the passage of time, these criminals are accused for long term of committing serious crimes therefore they are considered as menace of the world, in these criminals, some are running very dangerous gangs or organization so these are called as hazardous persons for not only a single nation but also for all countries of the world.

So here is the list of top 5 most wanted criminals in the world 2018.


Joseph Kong is another prominent criminal who is also leader of Lord’s Resistance Army which is a guerrilla group operate din Uganda, Kony announces himself the spokesperson of God and a spirit medium and maintains he is visited by a cosmopolitan host of 13 spirits including a Chinese apparition. He is also accused of many terror attack and also abduction of children to be sex slave as well as child soldiers, so in this context more than 70,000 children made soldiers with more than 2 million people displaced form the country in the era between 1986 to 2009 so their group was called officially terrorist group after 9/11 attack.


One of the most dangerous criminals of the world, Semion Mogilevich was born on 30th June 1946 in Ukraine, he is reported to be the boss of Russian Organized Crime, so he is also called as the boss of bossed by American and European law enforcement agencies therefore considered as the most dangerous mobster of the world by FBI. He is accused of many international crimes including contract murders, drug trafficking, murder trafficking, extortion, weapon trafficking and also prostitution on the large scale but despite of all his crimes, he lives free live in Moscow with his family of three children.

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Source: themeshnews

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