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Soon you can block Multiple Accounts from Comments Section on Instagram

Jane Manchun Wong a tech blogger tweeted recently that Instagram will get the feature where the users can block multiple accounts in one go and also shared screen shots showing how it is going to work.

Later Instagram replied to her tweet from their official twitter handle and made it official that they are coming up with this feature it is a test and the main reason for launching this feature is to fight cyber bullying and harassments.

Firstly Jane Manchun Wong tweeted from her account @wongmjane,

“Instagram is working on letting you block/restrict multiple accounts from your comment sections in a new tool to help mitigating comment abuses”

Then Instagram from @InstagramComms replied to the tweet.

“Hi Jane! This is a test – and part of our broader efforts to help people fight bullying and harassment on Instagram. More to come.”

Jane Manchun Wong a tech blogger and hacker who discovers the features of the apps before they were released. In the past Wong have discovered the features of Spotify and other top social media networks due to which she got famous.

One of the tweets which made her famous was also about Instagram where she revealed two weeks before that Instagram is coming with a feature which will hide likes from few users.

In a interview with Business Insider she stated that she feels that curiosity drives her and she feels it like finding the hidden features is like solving a puzzle which she have to solve.

Author: Aamir Noorsab   

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