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Top 10 SAFEST Countries if WW3 Happens

These Top 10 SAFEST Countries if WW3 Happens!  USA  - With the current political climate, it seems very plausible that the USA could instigate world war 3, or, at the very least, be very heavily involved. Switzerland  - Ah Switzerland. The name is synonymous with peace and not picking sides in wars. Australia  - Australia has several natural advantages when it comes to remaining safe during world war 3, especially when considering it from a military perspective. Fiji  - Fiji is a popular tourist destination due to its secluded location, perfect to escape the stresses of the modern world, which also makes it a great hideaway if world war 3 were to break out. 


Kiribati or the marshall island s - Concerned Fiji is still a little too known and could come under attack? New Zealand  - New Zealand has a lot of the advantages similar to Australia when it comes to safety during world war 3, with a few extra features that place it higher on this list. Chile  - Located on the southern tip of south America sits Chile and close to its southernmost point sits Punta Arenas. Greenland  - Greenland is technically a Danish-dependent territory. Iceland  - At number 1 on the global peace index, Iceland is certainly one of the safest places on this planet. Antarctica  - If Iceland is number 1 on the global peace index, and it sounds like a veritable paradise, why isn’t it number 1? Well, our number one pick isn’t technically a country… yet.

Source: youtube

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