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Top 25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Some of these dream destinations have been on our wish list for a long time. We even asked readers to pick where we should go next.  Iceland and Peru were tied and we are working on making both of those trips happen soon (check each destination for an update)! The great thing about wish lists is you can always add more wishes to it. Hopefully our list will inspire you to update your list, and share your favorites with us. We love hearing of new destinations!

1. Hawaii

A top dream destination for incredible beaches, lush tropical forests, and picture perfect waterfalls.  We would add in chasing waterfalls, epic hiking and seeking #SundaySunsets to the trip.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Will of  Going Awesome Places 

2. China  

High on our wish list is hiking the Great Wall of China, especially the more remote sections.  From ancient temples to modern cities China is full of both culture and beauty.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Lina and David from Divergent Travelers

3. Iceland

A nature lover and photographers dream destination.  We want to backpack, explore ice caves, visit waterfalls, and relax in the Blue Lagoon. I think we will have to visit in the winter for Northern Lights and in the summer for backpacking.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Jamie of  The Daily Adventures of Me 

4. Peru

Hiking the classic Inca trail to Machu Picchu, and lesser known hikes like Ausangate trek, and Rainbow Mountain are on our wish list too.  Visiting Inca ruins, see the salt mines, tour the Amazon jungle, and of course take some photos with llamas!


Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Photo: Drew from Trail to Peak 

5. New Zealand  

The Lord of the Rings hike is on our hike the world wish list! We can’t resist beautiful mountains and turquoise lakes.  If hiking isn’t your thing, maybe kayak through Fjords, or visit a Hobbit home!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Antonette of  We12Travel 

6. Patagonia

With many glaciers and gorgeous mountains to hike, the outdoor activities are plentiful.  Head to the coast for snorkeling, or kayaking to round out an adventurous trip!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Adonis from Always Wanderlust  

7. India

The attraction of India for us is seeing its natural beauty and amazing temples. Kerala is all the beauty of India with far fewer people.  Add in kayaking, hiking, zip lining and incredible beaches this tropical paradise is for me!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Anita of Anita Hendrieka

8. Newfoundland    

Number one on Frank’s list, he has family from Newfoundland and heard incredible stories of the country.  The beauty of iceberg alley can’t be denied.  Of course the chance of seeing moose only makes Frank want to go more.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Kevin and Christina of  Wandering Wagars

9. Australia

There are endless hiking trails on our list in Australia, incredible amounts of wildlife, and cities with great street art.  Of course we can’t leave out the great diving opportunities at the Great Barrier Reef!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Nikki of  Where is Noodles

10. Argentina

We can’t argue with Franks son’s pick as Argentina has both glaciers and beaches.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Nicole of  Third Eye Mom

11. Greece

Tops on Cathys son’s  list for a diversity in beauty.  From ancient ruins, incredible beaches and gorgeous architecture Greece has so much to offer.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Brian and Amanda of Eat Work Travel

12. England

This pick comes from Cathy’s 3 teenage girls.  London is tops for both historical architecture and current trends in fashion.  I would be very excited to finally see Banksy street art!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Chrissie from Travel Passionate

13. Japan

The culture, landscapes, and beauty of Japan lure calls to us.  The sushi seals the deal though!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Eric of  Travel Babbo

14. Maldives

Not all of our destination focus on hardcore activities. Some like the Maldives are more of a decadent destination full of luxury and relaxation.  Over water bungalows, numerous snorkeling sites, and incredible beaches put the islands of the Maldives on our list.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Pam from Always 5 Star

15. Petra

Indiana Jones and that Last Crusade put this one on the list for Frank.  Seeing anything from ancient times is surreal and always fascinating to us.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Matt of LandLopers

16. Canada

Many places in Canada are on our wish list, but the beauty of Banff’s mountains really call to us.  Hikes surrounded by bright blue lakes abound in this paradise for nature lovers.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Laurel of Monkeys and Mountains

17. Utah

We have places in the US on our wish list too!  Utah is full of beautiful national parks and endless hiking opportunities with unique geological features.  There in the winter, no problem the skiing is top notch!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Matt from Expert Vagabond

18. Alaska

Another natural beauty on our wish list. Epic landscapes, tons of mountains, and glaciers to hike too.  Add in an abundance of wildlife, moose are Frank’s favorite!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Chris and Heather from A Brit and a Southener 

19. New York

We are New Englanders and love the variety of adventures near and far- it is our motto after all.  We had a quick visit to New York city but have never been to Manhattan or Brooklyn, the architecture of New York combines the old and new in unique beautiful ways.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Hung from  Up Up and a Bear

20. Antarctica

The challenges getting to Antarctica only makes us want to go more!  Icebergs float by in a sea of blue while a whale swims past, yes sign us up for this cold adventure!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Dave and Deb from The Planet D  

Wait that is only 20 destinations!  We saved the last 5 for your suggestions, send them by email or add them in the comments.  Be sure to include a link to your article about the destination!  We will pick the final 5 from December 20-25th.  Wishing us all great travel and ideally some travel destinations as holiday gifts!    Note: the 25 destinations have now been picked but add your suggestions in the comments, seems like we need a part 2 to include more dream destinations!

21. Faroe Islands

These naturally beautiful islands have intrigued us. The many scenic hikes and epic landscapes put the 18 Faroe Islands on the dream destination list.  Bonus points for how few people are on these islands, we love quiet places in nature!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Diana and Hope of MVMT Blog

22. Kyrgyzstan

We fell in love with the epic photos of the second highest highway in the world that travels into Tajkistan also.  Normally we only get views that incredible from challenging hikes.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Kirsty and Mark of Kathmandu and Beyond

#23   Bhutan

Mountains, temples, monasteries and Buddhas, do you need more?  Bhutan is on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, imagine the incredible hikes!

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Christian of Unusual Traveler

#24  Phillipines- Coron

Island hopping, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach sounds heavenly to me!  Check out the turquoise waters and limestone rock formations.

Top25 Dream Destinations Around the World

Anita of The Sane Traveler

#25  France- The Pyrenees

Most people think Paris when you say France but we think the beautiful mountains and wildlife of the French Pyrenees.  Endless adventure activities in every season make it a perfect place to roar loud!


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