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World's first pet dog infected with coronavirus

A media report is doing the rounds on social media which stated that a pomeranian has been diagnosed with coronavirus after getting infected by its owner in Hong Kong. The post was shared on Twitter by one of the leading media outlets in China with the caption, "World's 1st pet dog infected with #COVID19 has been confirmed in #HongKong, a Pomeranian tested 'weak positive' three times, local health official said Wed, raising concerns of human-to-animal transmission."

The authorities have quarantined the pet dog after its nasal and oral samples tested "weak positive" three times for the virus, a media report said.

As the news came out in the public domain, social media was abuzz with reactions. A user wrote, "I have a hard time believing this. Where is the evidence?" 

Another wrote, "Could be a carrier only, transmission is unknown from what I've read so far."

A post read, "Dogs have the vaccine."

"Don't get rid of your pets, people! They are family! If you are really worried, just give their paws a quick wipe after walking or something," a user remarked.

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