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15 Haunted Places You Should Never Search On Google Earth

For some reason, some of us love looking up terrifying stuff. Something about the macabre makes us intrigued. Perhaps, some of us love to torture ourselves, and maybe, others like to explore the dark side of their thoughts. You clicked on this list, so part of you must be interested in some pretty terrifying stuff, right? It’s always fun to get a little scared, and it’s hard to figure out why sometimes. However, there are some things that should just be left alone on the internet.


The world is full of some pretty horrifying sights, but for many of us, we’re only surrounded by beauty. When it comes to Google Maps, we now have the technology to look up any place in the world whenever we want. This means you can see real-life sights of other countries, cities, states, and anywhere you could ever want all from the comfort of your home without having to spend a dime. Aside from the beautiful sights, however, there still exists a horrifying number of terrifying places that you would never want to travel to.

Some of those places are so disturbing, however, that you shouldn’t even look them up on Google maps! We’ve put together a list of places you shouldn’t go on Google maps to spare yourself from some spooky sights. If you’re brave enough and can handle it, however, feel free to do whatever internet exploring you want. Here are 15 Scariest Places You Shouldn’t Look Up On Google Maps:

15. Abandoned Gas Masks After The Chernobyl Disaster

Several decades ago in Russia, there was one of the worst nuclear meltdowns in history at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant that’s remembered to this day as being a complete disaster. It caused severe radiation in anyone who didn’t evacuate the area, and the levels of radiation are so high now that it’s not safe enough to live in now until the next several decades. The entire city around the plant is completely deserted, and though dangerous, it doesn’t stop people from exploring the desolate area. If you’re interested in visiting the site but don’t want the radiation risk that comes along with it, you can view it on Google Maps. However, only horrifying sights like the one above are waiting for you. There’s a gymnasium of abandoned gas masks, and it looks like someone decided to set up the horrifying sight you see above.

14. The Gate At Auschwitz And Everything Behind It

Auschwitz is probably one of the most haunting places in our world. The things that occurred at these concentration camps are something that only seems real in nightmares. Unfortunately, it’s a very real place that you can visit now. Most of us will never get to experience viewing these concentration camps as it’s pricey to travel to places like these. It’s also not an ideal vacation spot, so many people wouldn’t take the time to travel here in their time off. Because of Google Maps, however, we all have the chance to peek into this world even though we really shouldn’t. Right away, at the gates that you can see in the image above, chills already fill our bodies. The thick fog over the area makes it all-the-more haunting. You can also see the train tracks that brought people into the camp like cattle. It’s truly devastating imagining what’s happened here.

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