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15 Hottest Examples of Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Evolution

11. The Bootylicious Billion Dollar Princess

There’s so much talk about Stephanie’s boobs that we rarely talk about her very nice and defined booty. While it may not quite be enough of a booty to make the Top 16 WWE Booty Revolutionaries list, it’s certainly worth a mention (no shame in that Stephanie…). She works out so damn much, how could that part of her curvaceous frame not be nice?

This recent shot is from Steph’s time in The Authority (AKA The Corporation 2.5 or The McMahon Hemsley Era Part 2). She sports a tight curve accentuating outfit that clearly highlights her booty as she gives HHH a hug. As we can see, HHH is having a tough time not grabbing it while it’s happening (ugh, freakin’ PG Era, SMH). It might be time to admit to ourselves that we are definitely jealous The Game right here. This isn’t the last time we will see Stephanie’s other notable asset on this list, so be patient.


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