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'Scientific Experiment' Confirms Once And For All Whether Goo Aliens Can Have Babies

One of the most sobering moments of your mid-20s is realising you have lived long enough to see the memories from your childhood canonised by people too young to have lived through them themselves.

What I'm describing here is the '20-year cycle of resuscitation': the idea that what's in vogue in fashion, music and popular culture as a whole comes around on roughly a two-decade basis. In other words, however unlikely it might have seemed at one time, the pendulum of cool was destined to swing back to flame shirts, velour tracksuits, emo fringes and blow-up chairs.


But look closely enough at 2017 and you can see that's where we are right now. From the second wave of grime dominating the charts and the renaissance of Liam Gallagher, to the Tamagotchi being re-released and Beyblades once again acquainting schoolyard bullies with the mocking power of rhyme - traces of the mid-to-late-90s and early noughties are everywhere.

For those of us whose first footballing memory is the joy (and subsequent misery) of Euro 96, it's enough to fill you with anxiety that we're in the final throes of our generation's relevancy; that - to paraphrase The Simpsons - they might soon change it so that it seems weird and scary to you.

But as it stands, 'goo aliens' are again available to buy in shops up and down the country, so we have an excuse to revisit one of the spectres of our collective youth. To reacquaint ourselves with the once omnipresent, unanswered question, muttered around playgrounds and youth clubs of Britain...

Do these things actually have babies, or what?

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Source: ladbible

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