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15 Hottest Examples of Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Evolution

9. Always Reppin’ The Company…

This cute picture is of Stephanie from the Attitude Era sporting a WWF New York t-shirt (remember that place?) Yes, the WWE was so white hot in the Attitude Era that they saw fit to open their own restaurant in Times Square. This place would be the location of many events and broadcasts featuring wrestlers that didn’t happen to be on Raw or SmackDown. The restaurant slash nightclub closed in 2003.

Now that the history of a now defunct Attitude Era laden restaurant has been spoken of, it’s time to place our attention back to Steph, who looks uber adorable less like a power hungry maniac in this photo. Sometimes being cute is the hottest thing a woman can do. Steph’s almost sassy “check this out” demeanor perhaps echos a bridge between the innocent Stephanie who was a damsel in distress and the, conniving, evil, shrieking bad girl who will do anything to get her way. This is by far one of the more approachable pics of the boss’s daughter around.


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