7 Strange Misconceptions People Have About Being A Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is awesome. However, there’re concepts about this job that people have gotten all wrong. They are based on mere stereotypes.

Do you know some fallacies people have about being a flight attendant? Continue reading down below and find out just a handful of how people think of flight attendants.


7 Misconceptions About Being A Flight Attendant
1. This Job Is Just For Young Girls

Most people think of the cabin crew as average-sized females. This isn’t always the case. We come in different body frames. More importantly, we aren’t all females either. We have men in our midst!

2. Flight Attendants Don’t Have A High Education

Despite what most people think, the majority of people that make up the cabin crew come from previous careers. Many are also highly educated.

It isn’t uncommon when you find previous lawyers, teachers, accountants, nurses, and doctors as flight attendants. We did not just wake up one morning and become flight attendants. We have an education.

3. The Horrible Nicknames

Flight attendants hate the nickname “trolley dolly” or “air waitress” because these imply that our only job is to push carts around serving drinks and food. There’s a lot more that goes into our work.

4. Our Training Is Easy

We go through a rigorous training program.

Service training is only a small part of the training we receive. We learn safety and emergency procedures, security updates, first aid, fire-fighting, and survival skills. We could even be suspended from flying if we miss those annual (recurrent) trainings.

5. It’s All Part Of Our Job

Please know that extending us a ‘Thank You’  every now and then goes a long way. Most people think just because it’s part of our job to serve them, we aren’t worthy of their appreciation. A ‘Thank You’  sinks deep into our hearts

6. Our Names Are “Excuse Me”

Calling us by our names from time to time makes our hearts smile.

Sometimes, feel warmth running down my spine when this happens . By that I know that the person took the time and effort to glance at my name – and use it. That’s really special!

Maybe, instead of shouting out “Excuse Me!” all the time, people could start saying “Hello” or “Hi” to get our attention. Just sayin’.

7. We Are Just Employees

Please remember that, though we wear uniforms, we’re people too.

It’s our job to take care of passengers, true. However, we aren’t heart-less machines; we have feelings that can get hurt.

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